Building Quality Homes Since 1988


CHBA Members strive to maintain an ethical business culture: integrity, responsibility, and leadership in all areas of business from, environmentally responsible business practices to human resource development to workplace health and safety. As a respected member since 1994, Monarch Homes has worked diligently to represent the ideals of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.



ANHWP Members demonstrate Knowledge, Commitment and Discipline when building new homes. Once accepted as members, all builders are reviewed annually to assess their qualification and their commitment to customer satisfaction and to a healthy, stable building industry. Monarch Homes is proud to be a member and to have received the ANHWP Distinguished Builder Medallion that recognizes ‘15 years of professionalism, expertise, and commitment to meeting the needs of your customers’.


As a certified BUILT GREEN® Builder, Monarch Homes is excited to be able to offer its customers the option of having a 3rd party certified, energy efficient, environmentally responsible home. This label adds value your home by promoting the use of resource-efficient, environmentally friendly, construction practices and products. Contact Monarch Homes to find out more about building a cost-effective, healthier house that has a lower impact on the environment.